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Social Media Marketing Tips for Marine Dealers

If you’re an Marine Dealer and looking for some new and awesome ways to promote your dealership, digital marketing is the way to go! Whether it’s Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc), E-Blasts or even your website, part of your audience is on the internet and so should you. During this month of September, we at Medart are putting together some tips and tricks to help dealers like yourself improve your digital space. We will start this month off with our favorite... SOCIAL MEDIA!

1. Create a Social Media Plan for each Social Channel.

2. Post Consistently

3. Be Picky About What You Share 4. Use a Social Media Management Tool

5. Post More Images

6. A/B Test

7. Measure & Analyze

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Pay-to-Play

9. Join in on Communities

10. Build a Community

11. Interact

12. Watch Your Competitors

13. Give People a Reason to Follow You

14. Build Strategic Alliances or Partnerships

15. Use Keywords in Your Posts

16. Capitalize on Hashtags

17. Explore New Networks

18. Don’t Be Afraid to Sell

19. Target Your Social Media Posts

20. Use Contests for Audience Growth Spurts

21. Get Your Entire Team Involved

To understand these tips in more depth, click on the link below to read all about it on Sproutsocial.

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