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Attwood Helpful Tips - LightArmor NV1000 & NV2000 Series Installation

Attwood Marine Marketing Associate, Nikki Richter demonstrates the ease of installing LightArmor NV1000 and NV2000 Series Navigation Lights.

How To Repair A Hole In Your Tube | Airhead Watersports

Does your pool float or towable tube have a pesky hole? Pick up an Airhead Vinyl Repair Kit and patch that hole up. This how-to will show you how to patch a hole on your tube so you can get back to the fun. Be sure to check out our other how-to videos for more watersports knowledge!

Charge Up for Ice Fishing - New Minn Kota Portable Digital Chargers

Capt. Ross Robertson of Big Water Guide Service on Lake Erie with some tips for gearing up for ice season, including making sure you have a good, portable battery charger on hand. Minn Kota's new Digital Portable Chargers feature a built-in microprocessor which lets the charger automatically compensate for low outside temperatures - so you get an efficient charge that won't harm your batteries.

DIY - How to install Rubex Hub propeller in under 3 Minutes

Changing your prop - not nearly as difficult as you may think! Rick Norgart, Head of the Solas/Rubex R&D Center Solas in Tampa, shows you how to change your propeller in less than 3 minutes.

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