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Under the guidance and leadership of the Medart family, who uphold high standards for fair and ethical business practices and exhibit a deep passion for the industry and associates, our success is centered around an outstanding team. With a range of talents and unwavering dedication, each team member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, contributing to the dynamic and innovative environment that defines our company.

Mike Medart

CEO & President - Medart Inc

3rd Generation


Griffin Medart

Vice President - Medart Inc

4th Generation

Guiding this collective effort is our accomplished leadership team, who bring a wealth of expertise and a shared commitment to our mission. Together, we're not just a team – we're a united force working towards a common goal, driven by passion and a shared desire to make a meaningful impact.
Steve White.JPG

Steve White

Vice President

John Untereiner 2.JPG

John Untereiner

Director of Sales


Judy Parmeley

Customer Service Manager

Andrew J. Heck small file.jpg


Chief Financial Officer

Andrew J. Carlson.JPG

AndY Carlson

Project Manager

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